EGO-V9 E-cigarette


EGO-V9 E-cigarette
Features: design changeable syterm
2 Atomizer cylinder which can be easily taken off if it doesn’t work.
3.Compatiable with 510 threading/ego batteries. (no need sleeve cone)
4.Atomizer resistance: regular around 2.8 ohms, 1.6~3.0 ohms
5.Battery compacity:650/900/1100mah
6.Ring color EGO-V9 battery:red/blue r ring spot.  


EGO-V9  high quality e-cigarette  
1.e-cig size:145mm(L)  
2.V9 clearomizer size:60mm
4.clearomizer resistance:regular2.6-2.8 ohms(range 1.6-3.0ohm)
5.battery size:70.5mm(L)/20.5mm(D)
6.battery compacity:650/900/1100mah 
7.available colors: red, blue, yellow, purple, grey, clear    
8.ring color EGO-V9 battery:blue and red ring spot

EGO-V9 E-cigarette
2 × V9 clearomizers
2 × V9  replace head
2 × battery 650mah
1 × USB charger
1 × Large ego case
1 × inject bottle
1 × wall charger 


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