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E-cigarette feature: Alternative E-cigarette, No smoking, no tar, nicotine level can choosed by customer, 40flavors avaliable.

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How do electronic cigarettes work?
Basically, all brands of electronic cigarettes consist of 3 main parts: a battery, a nicotine cartridge and an atomizer
The batteries are typically lithium ion rechargeable that are powerful and compact. 
The batteries also contain some additional circuitry for lighting the tip that simulates the glowing “cherry” like that of a real cigarette.
The nicotine cartridge includes a mouthpiece and a reservoir for the nicotine solution.  The cartridges can be purchased in various flavors (tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla, etc.) and levels of nicotine (zero, low, medium, high).The nicotine solution in the cartridge mainly consists of water and propylene glycol which is a substance used in medicines, cosmetics, food, toothpaste etc.  The only other ingredients include some flavoring and nicotine of course.
The atomizer is activated when the user takes a drag on the device.
The atomizer is a 2 part device. ...http://www.electroniccigarettereview.com

How many different kinds of E-cigarettes are produced?
1. EGO,VGO series
2. 510,801,808D,901,Series
3. Disposable series and mini series and other series

What is the newest e-cig model?
EGO-C, E-Lips, EGO-K, 510 Dula core atomizer, E-lighter ect.

What is most branded E-cig in the world?

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Is Disposable Hookah or e-hookah the same as an Electronic Cigarette?
Re: As Electronic Cigarettes grow more and more in popularity, they have been given all types of nick names… some of the recent names that have been used are Disposable hookah or E-hookah. This leaves most of the users that are new to electric cigarette network thinking, what is the difference? To solve the mystery, e-hookah or disposable hookah is just a different term for and e-cigarette or a disposable ecig in a hookah type flavor. Most Electronic hookah brands like imperial smoke usually carry a very low mg of nicotine.


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