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Job Titles:International trade > Apply
Job Experience:One year
Limit date: 2011.03.01-2011.12.01
Work Place: SHENZHEN
1.Responsibility:Be responsible to build up global market channel,maitaining business with present clients and developing new clients.
2.Education Background: International trade,mastering English or Japanese.
3.Work Experience:1-5 years
  Those people with more than two years working experience in international trade are welcome   

> Job Titles:Master of medicine > Apply
Job Experience:One year
Limit date 2011.03.01-2011.12.01
Work Place: SHENZHEN
1.Responsibility:Product  development, control,judgement,etc.
2.Education Background: Master degree
3.Work Experience: At least 5 years related working experience in Grade Two A hospital or large medical establishment.


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